Flash Back in Real Estate

Our beautiful island is on the way to gradually lift the lockdown measures following the presidents announcement to relax the isolation in two phases starting 4th of May. Singularis is swift to consider the reopening of it’s offices in Larnaca and Limassol shortly after full disinfection of the premises and safe distancing allocations of the office spaces.  Cyprus is a great example on how to snap out of crises given the banking struggle of 2013. We are more than confident that the success story will be repeated. Phase A announced the reopening of the real estate sector and government sector among others allowing us to get back to what we do best which is delivering dream properties for the housing of our clients and the serving of our investors on time. The road to recover the economy  will be long but our company will be in the forefront to rectify the industry back to its prime. Normality will always be achieved in accordance to the health protocols of the Government. All Singularis building sites are back to full construction working hard to deliver our promise of excellence and professionalism. Stay safe and hope to see you all soon!

Yours sincerely,

Harry Hajisofocli
Sales Manager

Disinfection of all properties and assets

Singularis, with high sense of duty towards the community, its employees and its tenants, wants to inform you that in cooperation with certified company ermones, has completed the disinfection of company cars and all completed buildings. For the future we are going to assure you that we are taking all the necessary safety and health precautions measures to every aspect of our company’s activity.

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