Cypriot cuisine bears a distinct resemblance to Greek cooking, but has also Turkish and Lebanese influences. Cypriot cuisine features lots of fresh fish, meat, beans and vegetables flavored with lemon, fresh herbs and spices and olive oil is considered to be the “gold” ingredient in all local specialties.

Cyprus is also one of the world’s oldest grape-growing and wine-making regions, with its fruits of the grape ranging from delicate whites and full-bodied reds to the rich sweet amber-coloured dessert nectar known as Commandaria.


Cyprus offers a host of energetic pursuits to engage the visitor. Becoming increasingly popular as a destination for golfers, Cyprus offers first-class facilities with four professional courses on magnificent locations. Whether you like walking or hiking, mountain biking or running, natural parks are always around the corner for the much-needed escape to nature. In winter months, skiers can test the slopes on Troodos whilst the rest of the island wear short sleeves and bask in the winter sun. The island provides excellent opportunities for water sports and there are also excellent dive sites and facilities, with one of the best wreck dives in the world, the Zenobia, situated just off Larnaca.


Cyprus is also considered a shopping heaven for all tastes and budgets, whether you are looking for designer clothes and brands, leather goods, shoes or locally produced items. With shopping malls in all major cities and shop in the scenic narrow streets in the historical parts of the cities along with handcrafted items and jewelry, the island offers a unique shopping experience.


Life is always fun and interesting in Cyprus. Bars and clubs are bursting with life, while a wide choice of restaurants are always available for a pleasant night out. There are a lot of events happening in Cyprus all year round concerning cultural performances, religious festivals and sporting events. Forged by centuries of history Cyprus is one of the oldest cultures in the Mediterranean, waiting to be explored.


Tourism is one of the leading industries in Cyprus and has a dominant position in the economy. Moreover, it significantly impacts Cyprus’ culture and its multinational/multicultural development throughout the decades. Tourists have a wide selection of accommodation options to choose from such as hotels, apartments, agrotourism rentals, hostels and camping facilities. The demands of international tourism in conferences, cultural and athletic events, weddings etc., are satisfied with top quality services.

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