University of Nicosia is the largest private university in Cyprus with more than 11.000 students. UNIC is well known for the variety of studies that provides (100+ degrees), including the cooperation with St. George University of London on medical studies and the no1 spot in Blockchain and digital currencies. It’s also the 1st university in Europe with 5QS stars for online courses (additionally 12.000 students) and the biggest University in Northeast Europe with courses in English language.

The 24 units are divided into 2 identical towers, in 2 nearby plots. All available campus facilities/buildings and University’s main buildings are within walking distance from the student apartments. Supermarkets, shops, etc. are also within walking distance.
Each apartment has 51 sqm, with a covered veranda of 8.5 sqm and parking on the ground floor. The apartments are fully furnished and fully managed for student accommodation.