A lively decoration with plants along with the modern and simple design completes a frame of a picturesque everyday living.
Blackwood and white vertical elements are the dominant factors in design. Plants and small trees bring nature closer and create a fitting enclosure.

Spacious veranda.
An escaping oasis next to your door. Just enjoy what Cyprus climate has to offer in every season of the year.

High quality Italian fitting kitchen.
Not only highly functional but also aesthetically pleasing when not used.

Parking and Storage are available.
Every house has its own allocated private parking space and storage room on the ground floor.

Having 2 apartments per floor, residents’ privacy and comfort are ensured.
The building is divided into two parts by communal space at its center, which serves its functional purpose along with enhancing the privacy feeling to its residents.

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy ClassA

Property Features

  • Roof Garden